Saturday, August 16, 2008

And the Most In Demand Profession Is...

I'm not necesarrily back from hiatus. In fact, right now I'm back in good 'ol Walnut Creek, as I scour the surface of the United States gathering investors for Hillpoint Energy, which is going great, and meeting with engineering professionals to learn as possible about current trends in the wind energy field before heading back to Israel to get going on our project.

Earlier I had posted statistics showing that mechanical engineering, which happens to be my specialty, is the profession with the highest job satisfaction rate of any profession. And now, we see that the most in-demand profession with the highest starting salary is...

1. Mechanical Engineering ($57,821)
Mechanical engineers are curious about how things operate. Professionals in this broad discipline research, design, develop, and test tools, machines, and mechanical devices. Along with a knack for science and math, engineers need strong oral and written communication skills.
While most entry-level mechanical
engineering positions require a bachelor's degree, continuing education is critical -- protecting engineers from potential layoffs or cutbacks.
Job outlook: As more engineers retire, and many professionals transfer to managerial positions, job opportunities are good.

(See the original report here.)

Perhaps this will convince the company we're starting to hire me. :)

Monday, August 04, 2008

On Hiatus

OK, so I haven't been able to post recently.  When you're trying to start a company, and travel across the world, and keep dating, the blogging thing gets pushed off the list.  So I'm officially going into hiatus.  I hope to return soon, since all sorts of intersting and crazy things are happening in the holy land, but I just can't for now.  Hope you'll understand and we'll meet on the other side.  Wherever that ends up being!