Saturday, October 07, 2006

Landscapes of Israel

I took the following pictures from my seat on the bus on the way down to Be'er Sheva a week ago.

The main street in Kiryat Malachi.

Most of the northern Negev seems to be hayfields, small moshavim (agricultural settlements,) and Bedouin encampments. There are a few larger towns.

Driving into Kiryat Gat. This is the town where most Intel chips are made. One of the tings I like about Israel is that the towns are very compact, without much urban sprawl. You drive through mile after mile of farmland, and suddendly you're in the city. In the states, these fields would instead be tract housing.

A small bedouin encampment, with some sort of camp fire.

Mile after mile of hills (and power cables.) Recently plowed fields, waiting for the first rains.

The ruins of a house north of Be'er Sheva.

A lone acacia tree in the desert.

The towers of Be'er Sheva rise over the Negev hills. This is my favorite part of the drive.

The new courthouse building in Be'er Sheva. I used to live across the street from this one.


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know Evan I really appreciate the wonderful 'personal' photos you've been posting of late. It's so good to see Israel thru the eyes of someone who has just settled there.

Thank you so much

Ephraim said...

It's a pleasure to post them!

YK said...

Kiryat Gat not Kiryat Malachi. Your bus would have past near Kiryat Malachi but not thru the town. Intel is in Kiryat Gat.

We injoyed you company and look forward to the next time.
Nice photos


Ephraim said...

D'OH! You're right. Don't know how I slipped up on that one.