Thursday, June 28, 2007

What's goin' on in Jerusalem?

Some photos from downtown:

On Ben Yehuda street, someone covered his entire balcony with a giant messianic portrait of the Lubavitcher Rebbe reading, "Long live our master, teacher and rabbi, king messiah forever and ever." You know, I've had my doubts about that, but once I saw this poster I was suddenly persuaded.

A busy day on Agrippas Street.

And in the shuk.

One thing I love about Jerusalem is that it's built over layer after layer of civilizations. Sometimes the ghosts of the past like to poke their heads above ground and peek into the present. Here are some buildings that are just sitting there, exposed from previous construction, in the middle of Jaffa street. Who knows how old they are, what purpose they served, or who built them.

Last shabbat I was able to drive the Magic Carpet down to Modi'in and visit Moish. Let's see, the last bus for Modi'in leaves Jerusalem at 3:45 PM and arrives at 5 PM. That means that I would have to leave my house at 2:30 PM to get downtown in time to catch it. So from 2:30 through 5 PM, that's 2-1/2 hours of travel time. But now, with the Magic Carpet, I was able to cruise down the 443 and get there in 25 minutes. So I saved myself a cool 2 hours, like magic!

Me and Moish

This Shabbat, I'm heading out to commit all kinds of war crimes and acts of apartheid, to use the words of Jimmy Carter. This time, I'm going with Magshimey Herut first thing Friday morning to visit a Jewish outpost in the Judean hills. We will be oppressing the poor indigenous ancient Palestinians, who have lived in Judea from time immemorial, unlike the Jews, by painting a kindergarten, planting trees, and helping the Jewish imperialists establish their colony.
Should be fun!


Baleboosteh said...

I would love to go to the shuk, it looks like a really interesting place.

Ephraim said...

Yeah, and they've got the best deals in town too.