Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Eli's Engagement Party

My fellow amateur Talmudist Eli had his engagement party last night. Sometimes these affairs are just a bunch of guys eating sunflower seeds and drinking vodka, but Eli went all out.

Eli greets the endless parade of visitors and well-wishers.

There were more people in that house than I've ever seen at an engagement party. And that was only in the men's section.

Of course, I had foolishly eaten chicken for dinner a couple of hours ago, so I stood there drooling over the dairy sweets I couldn't eat. On the plus side, I'll stay thinner.
Ooooh, those creme puffs are tempting. But I'll have to stick to the parve carrots and cole slaw.

I ran into Michael Harroch from the Yeshivah downing cheesecake and scotch, who immediately grabbed my camera...

... and started taking pictures of me.

Schmoozing with Rabbi Kaplan from the Yeshivah, Machon Meir.

The funny thing about learning at Machon Meir is that there are several different levels of learning. Last year I was learning in the basic basic courses, one of them with Rav Kaplan. Now I've moved in to beginner's Gemarah, so, in spite of the fact that we're in the same building, I haven't seen him in months. Of course, I've got to update him that, yes, I am, in fact, still learning at Machon Meir.

Rav Kaplan and me, long time no see.

The guests keep coming.

It was time for Eli to give a Dvar Torah (a little Torah lesson.)

And then we dragged him and Shoshi's father outside for wine, women, and song... minus the women.
Well, there was one. Shoshi, his future kallah (bride) came out for a cameo.
Only a couple of months until the wedding!

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