Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Golan 2: Flowers in the Jordan Valley

Continuing on our merry way, we pass through mile after mile of date palms.

Of course, not only is the Jordan Valley, "Occupied Palestinian Territory," it's also a defensive border with Jordan, with which Israel is officially at peace. A border fence cuts close to the road, reminding you of just how tiny this country really is, and the neighborhood it's in.

As we head north up the Jordan Valley, away from the rain shadow of the Jericho plains and towards the verdant Galil (Galilee,) the hills come to be covered with grass and greenery.
We turn a corner and suddenly come upon a field of blossoming flowers.

The bus driver was considerate enough to pull over for us to stretch our legs. It was like in "Wizard of Oz" when they all go running through the poppy fields.
Although in this case they were "Calaniyot." At least the red ones were.


Leora said...

Thanks for the tour. Wonderful, wonderful poppies. Everyone seems to be having a grand ole time here.

NouraAlk said...

That's a nice field :D Looks like Hwereh in Jordan near the Syrian border. Love it!