Monday, April 07, 2014

Eliyahu Leaves Israel

Personal reflection: I’m wondering why Eliyahu (Elijah) had to leave the Land of Israel in order to ascend into the next world.  Eliyahu is seen as a parallel to Moshe (Moses,) not only in the sense that he was second in prophetic power only to Moshe, but also that in that many of the events in his life, culminating in a personal revelation at Sinai, parallel those of Moshe.  I find it interesting that he has to cross over the Jordan River before he can be taken away, much like Moshe who was buried opposite the Jordan.  It may also have something do to with the fact that, unlike Moshe, when Eliyahu was presented with the option of preventing the exile of the People of Israel from the Land of Israel, he remained silent (acquiescing) whereas Moshe always stood up for Israel.  Perhaps, as the one who gave the final stamp of approval for exile, he had to be the first one to suffer it.  It could also be that he was just going home, as he came from the Giladi mountains, across the Jordan River in the modern day Jordanian city of Jalad. If he shows up at anyone’s seder, please ask him for me.

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