Monday, June 02, 2014

Tanach is Relevant

For those who may feel a bit squeamish about the level of violence in the Tanach (bible), especially with the tendency of new kings to wipe out all the heirs of the overthrown king, or for those who think that this sort of political violence was something reserved for ancient times and is out of place in today’s enlightened western society, might I direct your attention to the Iraq War.  Saddam tried to assassinate Bush I.  Then Bush II pursued Saddam and hung him (which the world got to watch from a cell phone camera recording,) killed his heirs Udei and Qusei Hussein, and printed a deck of playing cards to make a game of hunting down and killing everyone who had so much as given him a cup of coffee, not to mention the events of Abu Ghraib.  Bush then outlawed the Ba’ath movement, much as the obedient kings wiped out the Ba’al movement.

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