Monday, January 07, 2002

Trying to Fly

It's really really really cold today. In fact, it's snowing up in Jerusalem right now. I hope the snow comes down here. As if that were not bad enough, a strong wind kicked up a dust storm, so now I'm choking on freezing dust particles. The Shekel is at 4.55 per dollar now, so I think I should buy as much food as possible before prices go up.

I've been looking at getting plane tickets for Gabby's B-mitzvah.

Here's the deal:Using those frequent flyer miles, I can catch a flight from Tel Aviv to San Francisco which would leave on the 18th of March, have an almost 24 hour layover in England, and then continue on its way and get to SFO on the 20th/21st. The problem is that all of the returning flights are booked full through May 5th or so. In case that doesn't work out, I also have reservations for round-trip tickets, but they will come out to about $925, and I only have $799 in my bank account. I suspect that the price is so high, for the off season especially, because I'm ordering from Israel and the taxes are astronomical here. I just asked my "agent" in SF to try to find me some tickets at reasonable times, so we'll see what he can come up with. He has given me good prices in the past. I also need to see if I am continuing here or not, because the winter semester ends on February 26th or so.

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