Friday, January 25, 2008

Wedding of Eli Rous and Shoshi Fishbein

And now for a break from the usual run of the blog to celebrate the wedding of Eli and Shoshi last Wednesday night. You remember Eli? He got engaged last October, and we went to his engagement party in November? Our non-stop Eli-Shoshi coverage continues with the wedding.

The mothers of the chatan (groom) and kallah (bride) break a dish, symbolizing that just as a dish can't be put back together, so too a broken marriage, God forbid, could never be put back together.

I typically work from home until about 10 PM (noon Pacific Standard Time,) so I have to sneak out for weddings, but it's always worth it. In this case, I managed to get there just in time for Maariv (evening prayers.)

I finished up just as Eli left, escorted by his dancing yeshiva buddies, to the bedeikin (checking to make sure he's got the right the bride.)

"Why hello there."

And now, off to the Chuppa.

Eli, his father, and his soon-to-be-father-in-law, reach the chuppah. The sign in the background reads, "Mazal Tov to Eli and Shoshi."
Okay, where's the kallah?
Circling the chatan seven times.
Under the chuppah.

Eli puts on the tallit Shoshi bought for him.
And they're married! Off they go to the yichud (alone) room.
The party really gets started, Eli distributes brachot (blessings.)
Dancing with the chatan.
A. was there.
Yours truly.
Rabbi Segal, who officiated the ceremony, spins in ecstasy like a pilotless airplane.

And they danced the whole night long.

Mazal tov to Eli and Shoshi! Until 120!

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