Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Machon Meir Tiyul 3: The Ein Gedi Waterfall and the Dead Sea

Leaving the Ein Gedi waterfall behind...

... we continue on the trail.

Some sort of condor flies ahead of us.
Goofing off on the trail.

Looking across the Dead Sea at Jordan.

This looks like a field school, or guest lodging, or something like that.

After about half an hour, in a roundabout sort of way, we reached the top of the falls.

A few seconds later we all jumped in. Quite refreshing!

Sha'i, our Madrich, makes it to the top!

Uh... okay, you guys really don't get out enough.

Art shot.

And next, off to the Dead Sea, for the lowest barbecue on the face of the Earth...

Daniel, Raphael, and Avraham, floating on the Dead Sea.

For the Barbecue itself, we actually got quite lucky. A squad of paratroopers was having a barbecue next to ours. Being army guys, they had taken way, way more meat than they needed, so we inherited several pounds of chicken and kebab to augment our already sumptuous bounty of hamburgers. Our intrepid bus driver volunteered to run the grill.

While the rest of the guys hovered around like dogs begging for scraps.

But in the end, there was more than enough for everyone.


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