Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Snow in Jerusalem

Due to inclement weather, the continuing (seemingly interminable) post on the effects of the Hitnatkut has been interrupted for.. SNOW!

This morning, I left my apartment in the whipping, stinging cold rain. I typically bring my camera, you know, just in case something interesting happens.

On my way home, I knoticed the rain seemed to be falling a bit more slowly. It started out as just a messy slurry, but pretty soon, we had a full-blown snow on our hands.

On the number 8, near ammunition hill.

I hopped off the bus in Pisgat Ze'ev. It doesn't typically rain much this far east (we're in a rain shadow), but the snow was still pouring down.

I set the camera on"portrait" so it would focus on 5 feet in front of me, rather than the space in the background, and caught this interesting snow in action.

A self portrait of yours truly.

Moshe Dayan Street.

Looking eastward on the Meir Promenade.

The next picture wasn't taken on snow day. It's a mechanical dancing Hassid in front of the Judaic supply store on Meir Gersom street. Does anybody notice anything, eh, suspicious about him?


SefarditO said...

What an AWESOME pictures Ach!
I want to visit Israel in winter time!
Great pictures Ese!

Toto said...

OMG, the chassid is a CONVERT!!! too funny.........

Ephraim said...


A few years ago there was over a foot of snow! Today, everything has alreday melted. It was fun while it lasted though.

Yes, Santa Claus would have to change his name to Simcha Chaim. And a brit milah at that age... ouch!

sf21 said...

I like your blog. Very interesting.

Where are the photos from last week's tiyul?

Ephraim said...


Soon. Actually, I've been on a bunch of tiyulim recently; one to the negev, one to visit Jewish sites in Eastern Jerusalem, and I'm going on one tomorrow morning to see Ir David (the original old city, now being excavated under the Arab neighborhood of Silwan.)
Hopefully, I'll be able to get everything up next week. There's just a lot of backlog material to blog and write about.