Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Foundation for Middle East Peace

The latest issue of the supposedly monthly (but really bi-monthly) Foundation for Middle East Peace, (FMEP) is up at last! As most friends of Israel can already tell, any publication with a name like, "Foundation for Middle East Peace," has got to be pretty viciously anti-semitic. It is standard international opinion that the Jews, er, excuse me, "Zionists," rank up there with the Neocons, Haliburton, Bush, multinational corporations, capitalists and Wal-Mart as the dark angels sewing of war and violence around the world. Therefore anyone truly interested in peace must be opposed to the continued existence of the Jewish People. True to form, this month's FMEP was lead off by an excerpt from Hamas leader and all-around psychopath Ismail Haniyah:

"To our people in Jerusalem, who are stationed in their sacred positions and who are facing all forms of harm and harassment to force them to leave their city and give the extremist settlers the pretext to take them, we say: Be patient because the end of your ordeal is now close."

Of course, he doesn't mention how the end of their unbearable ordeal of living next to a bunch of Jews is close, but that's a part of the same triumphalist streak in Arab culture that gave us Baghdad Bob. Results don't count, just words.

That this Orwellian organization that calls itself a pro-peace foundation but then publishes the rantings of those determined to exterminate one side of the conflict is a bizarre, if typical, perversion of language. As for me, I'm like the Jew in the old joke who reads the Nazi newspaper because it says that, "We control the banks, the newspapers, the stock market..."

This month's FMEP report featured all sorts of horror stories about the Jewish population's rapid expansion and growth. In order to continue receiving their generous grants, parasitic organizations like FMEP have to regularly generate new reports and maps on the nefarious schemes of the Jews. It's similar to the "publish or perish" phenomenon seen in universities (in this case, "rubbish or perish.") Last month, however, I was a bit disappointed with the quality of their work.

It depicts the alleged "depopulation" of Arabs from the Jewish quarter of Hebron (click on the image below for a larger version.)

It's just a recycled map of Hebron with big blue arrows indicating, "Forward Thrust of Settler Presence," which is really a meaningless term. As if there were a procession of torch-bearing, axe-wielding Jews bursting into the Muslim Quarter, surrounding the poor, defenseless "Palestinians" trapped in their apartments like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Here come the settlers!

Why was I born so "Palestinian"?

Of course, what really happened was: the Jews bought a building. That's right, 200 Jews "invaded" (FMEP's words) a previously empty building which they had legally purchased for the outrageous price of $900,000. Little red arrows show the "Population Relocation," the route by which the imaginary people who allegedly inhabited the empty building ran away.

If last month's publication was a disappointment, this month's is a major improvement. My favorite map is entitled, "Settlement Expansion in South Jerusalem," and features new neighborhoods that have been approved for construction, expanding Jewish Jerusalem and linking the Gush Etzion settlements to Jerusalem with a relatively continuous strip of developed land.

Not only that, it looks like, since the Safdie Plan for Jerusalem's westward expansion at the expense of the Jerusalem Forest was permanently shelved, building will continue to the South and East. I do recognize one plan, "Kitmat Tzion," which I visited on Abu Dis with Ateret Cohanim a few months ago.

Of course, FMEP is a dishonest organization so we can't take their word for all this data. These plans are still in the early stages, and it will take years to get them into construction, but if even half of these projects become reality, then Jerusalem will be greatly strengthened. Every Jewish neshamah (soul) that returns to rebuild Tzion (Jerusalem) strengthens the shechinah (divine presence) in Eretz Yisrael.

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