Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Painting with Moish and the ghost of Bob Ross

Moish, as it turns out, happens to be a certified Bob Ross instructor, Bob Ross being the laid back guy who had half hour television programs showing neophytes how to paint landscapes with happy little trees and the like. I was invited over for a course, so of course I accepted.

We start with coating the canvas with a gray substance which prevents the canvas from soaking in the paint. Bob Ross uses (well, used, he's dead now,) a method of oil painting which involves mixing the paints on the canvas itself.

Painting sealant over the canvas.

The canvas is then coated with a layer of slow-drying white paint which helps keep the canvas from drying out. Using this method, the entire painting must be finished in one sitting.

We've got our sky, and our reflection of the sky over the water ready.

Now we add the water background.

Next comes the first mountain, faded in the distance.

And now for the main three mountains.
Snowfall over the mountains.
Next comes the first foothill.
Then another layer of foothill.
The dark foreground defines where the river/lake will be.
Now for a tree, a red bush, and some grass. We also stretch out the vertical marks along the shore to give the appearence of a reflection.

Then we add some rocks and wavelets to define the shoreline.
Then we add tall tree, some bushes, and rocks for the right hand shore.
This one is Moishe's. It came out a little better, but then again he does this for a living.

My final painting, in beter light.
Yours truly, artist! Now all I need is a giant afro and beard and I could be Bob Ross himself!

And it only took about five hours. Not bad, considering I've never painted an oil painting before.


Toto said...

Great job! So does your friend the teacher have like 30 copies of the same painting or does he just keep painting white over the top and starting over??

I LOL cuz I soooo remember that guy!!!

Evan said...

Moish has warehouses and stockpiles of the paintings. It's amazing.
Now, as for Bob Ross, imagine the mountains of canvases they had to dig through when they were dividing his estate

Ohio484 said...

Ce site est tout simplement une pure merveille!A ce que je vois ton talent n'a fait qu'accroître.Et nous sommes d'autant plus fière.
l would like you to send me one piece like souvenir if you like.

my regards