Saturday, August 18, 2007

And here we go!

The Magic Carpet has it's magic back, and, after a 1600 shekel disassembly and cleaning of the entire fuel system, is running like new. I immediately headed over to the local ACE Hardware, picked up some packing tape, and scrounged the local dumpsters for boxes. I have precisely two weeks to move before I fly away to America for three weeks, so I had better get started.

At first I was a tad upset about being removed from my home. But then, I remembered what an [insert synonym for female canine here] my landlady has been, and I decided it's going to be fun to shake things up a bit.

The strangest part is that I don't know to where I'm moving. There's a major housing crunch in Jerusalem, so it's a landlord's market, and places go really fast. I've noticed that most of the shidduchim I've had have been from the Rechavia/Katamon/Baka area, about a 20 minute drive from here with no traffic. One of the problems I've had is that because of my telecommuting gig, I can't leave work until 10PM (noon Pacific Time.) Because of the distance, tf I want to go out after work, then by the time I get down to Rechavia/Katamon/Baka to meet someone, it's already 10:45, which is way too late to start. If I'm physically located downtown, then all I would have to do is step out the door at 10 PM, which is still early enough to do something. Or people can come over to my place too. I'm not really a city person, and I've enjoyed the quiet of living here on the edge of the desert, but the benefits of living downtown outweigh the drawbacks, so I figure if I can find a place down there for not too too much money, I ought to grab it.

I was in the Pisgah (that's what we locals call Pisgat Ze'ev) this week. Spent Shabbat last week in Tel Aviv with Israeli Moshe (though he would deny he's actually Israeli.) Here are a couple of pics. For some reason, I can't keep my eyes open when the camera flashes. I have some stupid light sensitivity. Augh, weakness! Well, I guess I'm just a sensitive guy.

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