Thursday, December 20, 2007

Here's a Question or Two for Ya

Why is it that girls give you their number and email when they don't really want you to call or write them?

Why is it that when you go out on a date and are interested, it's a total turn-off for her?

Why is it that I get three or four calls a week asking to set me up with this or that girl, that this city is overflowing with available, religious girls, but when I find one who piques my curiosity she looks at me as if I were some inanimate object, like a typewriter?

Just curious.

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Toto said...

Hang in there! It can't be easy... but in the end you'll find the right one and she'll be wondering why it took you so long to find her! And in the meantime, we're all waiting with fingers crossed for you cuz we know it WILL HAPPEN!!!

שבת שלום!