Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nahal Pratt Part 3: The Flora of Nahal Pratt

I got a few nice shots of the flowers in the hills and along the banks of Nahal Pratt. It gave me a chance to play with my macro mode. Unfortunately, I'm not a botanist, so we'll just have to enjoy the photos without really knowing what they are.

Some sort of flowering succulent.

A purple guy.

Some sort of yellow flower.

Another purple one.

A red guy.

The middle doohickie of the red flower thing.

Another yellow flower.

Yet another yellow flower.

Pink flowers.

An orange one.

Still further another yellow flower thing.

Some sort of funky green plant, apparently not a flower of any kind.

This plant is actually pretty interesting. It grows in salty soil where other plants would be poisoned. On the outside of the leaves is caked salt. The guide said it's good when fried up with potatoes. Makes them taste like french fries.

Me, surrounded by some yellow flower things.

Up next... the thrilling conclusion of the Mosaic hike through Nahal Pratt.

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