Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Job

So I've started my new job, and so far, so great!  It's very startupish; I'm only the seventh employee, and they only got an actual physical office a couple of months ago.  There's plenty of potential for advancement, and a lot of risk as well.  If they're still here in three months, I might get to be a Project Engineer (my boss' job at my old company) as opposed to a Staff Engineer (what I am now.)  If not, I'm on the street, and it could go either way.  But it's an interesting project and I think it's going well.  The other advantage is that I'm interacting with some of the other companies we've partnered with here, so if I lose this job, I would still have an inside leads at other companies.  Unfortunately none of them are in Jerusalem, but we'll worry about that if it becomes an issue.
The other cool thing is I can show up whenever I want (9:30 AM for me) as long as I work a full day, I'm working in Har Hotzvim (a high-tech park in Jerusalem that's really happening,) there's a minyan every hour on the hour across the street, and there are endless places to get kosher lunch.  So it's an interesting project, minyans, kosher lunch, nice people, and I'm getting a paycheck in the middle of a recession.  Sure beats sitting around the house wondering what to do with myself!

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