Monday, October 20, 2008

Pnei Kedem Kite Festival

Yesterday, the last full day of Chol Hamoed Sukkot (the intermediary days of the Sukkot festival,) I had a chance to visit Pnei Kedem, where I volunteered a year or so ago painting the shul. It's a tiny "West Bank" hilltop settlement with twenty six families out in the Judean Desert. It's a great place to visit, but a bit forlorn. Except, once a year, they hold the Afifionada, the kite festival, and suddenly the place swells with thousands of people.

Pnei Kedem from a distance, kites hovering above
Pnei Kedem Closer up.
Kite flying atop the hill
Kids having fun
Live music
A massive fish-shaped kite

Kite gazing
More kite flyers
Sunset over Metzad, the nearby "mother-settlement" of which Pnei Kedem is technically a suburb.
A soldier tries to get his kite airborne.
The last kite flying in the sunset


smlourie said...

Hi We organised the Kite Festival and appreciate your comments ! What is your name ? When did you paint the shule ? How did you come here ? Are you married with kids ? single ? Anyway happy you had a good time and could you please email us some more photos if you have them for our website next year ? \
Thanks Suzy and Michael Lourie

smlourie said...

our email is Thanks

Unknown said...

I'm happy to hear you enjoyed yourself the pictures are beutiful.
Just to set the recrod straight there are now 26 families in Pnei Kedem (Hey, that's a big diffrence to such a small community).

Ephraim said...

I'll update the post. Good to hear the place is growing.