Monday, September 04, 2006

A Few Pisgat Ze'ev Snapshots

I took a few snapshots of Pisgat Ze'ev. They're not much, but I'll have better ones once I'm on my own computer and can do my own edititing and uploading. I can take much better pictures than these. Really, trust me.

A stunning shot of the shoulder rail taken from the front seat of bus number six. One can also see a lovely galvanized steel fence. In the background are the hills of Samaria topped with settlements and villages.

The view from my cousins' back patio (where all my stuff is now stored.)

A shot (again from the number 6 bus) of the entrance to Pisgat Ze'ev, taken from the route 1 bridge. The road in the foreground is the old, winding road that used to be the only way to get out here. Ten years ago Pisgat Ze'ev was considered an outlying "way way out there" town. Now it's a suburb. ou can also see here where the final station for the Jerusalem Light Rail is being built. Scheduled completion date: June, 2006. So far they are only about a decede behind schedule.

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Baleboosteh said...

Hi Evan,
I love seeing these photos, I find them so intresting!