Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another Painting with Moish

Moish is on the midnight shift these days, which means he sleeps all day, so painting lessons have been a bit tough. Add to that the fact I work weeknights, which is weekmornings back int eh Old Country, and painting has become quite difficult. Still, we both wanted to whip out another masterpiece, so we arranged for Motzei Shabbat (Saturday night, after Shabbat.) I flew down to Modiin in my Magic Carpet and we were off!

We decided to paint a fall colors scene. In the end, we thought we would do a forest with some fields, but we ended up doing some water in the foreground instead.

Progress - before the shoreline and the little bushes in front.

The final product.A Close-up. Click on the image for a larger shot.

Pretty cool, eh?

Moish let me take a bunch of his the paintings home to spiff up my new diggs. I also bought a bunch of painting equipment off him, so I'll be using the paintings he let me borrow as examples for future works of art. Now if only I could plow through this huge pile of work on my desk, maybe I could actually paint something on my own!

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