Monday, November 06, 2006

Cleaning Gan Tekumah

Last Friday, we had another get-together with the combined groups of Kumah, Yavneh Olami, and Magshimey Herut, which I met on the Nahariya Shabbaton a week before.
We met at the Zion Gate and proceeded to Gan Hatekumah, an archaeological garden in the old city.
The garden was excevated through several layers including Byzantine, Greek, and even some second temple period ruins. And there's one more layer; a layer of 20th and early 21-st century garbage.

Second Temple Period columns surrounded by trash.

We set up on a recently excavated ping-pong table.

The group got to work, scampering over the rocks and filling bag after bag with trash.

Note to self: do not wear open-toed shoes to trash pickup.

After two hours of trash collecting, we broke for pizza.

Yshai delivered a lecture on the different archaeological exhibits we had just cleaned.

All in all, it was a productive day. I would have gone through to shoot some "after" photographs, but I was talking to Sasha, my Shabbat host in Elon More. Someone overheard me and mentioned that Ezra (one of the Kumah group) was driving out there, so I was able to hitch a ride up. Stay tuned for photos of the drive to Elon Moreh...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trip to Gan Tekumah, Evan.

I can't belive the trash! whoa it was so bad, what a shame.

Looking forward to the next lot of pics at Elon Moreh, hopefully they wont have your open toed shoes with socks on them! [lol]

Is that like trash fashionista? Borat was helping?

The horrible trash that was every where, what was the box of dropped 'fold out' boxes with the menorah printed on them?

Whats the raison d'etre with the 'recently excavated' ping pong tables? Weird they look so out of place.

Seems you're on a mission to see the whole of Israel in record time, hope your being careful Evan.

[p.s. only joking bout the open toes they're not that bad..with socks]

Good on you throwing your hand up and cleaning up the mess!

Shalom Aaron

Ephraim said...

Open toed shoes with socks on them are a California tradition!

The ping pong talbes were there for recreation. ACtually, the archaeological park also had basketball courts. Jerusalem is a living city, and even in the old city, people need a place to stretch their legs. Unfortunately, the whole place is an archaeological ruin, so the only open space happens to be the archaeological gardens.

I'm not so much on a mission to see the whole country in record time, as I am just enjoying myself. I've been stuck in Walnut Creek for four years. I'm invited all over the country for Shabbat, so why not travel whenever possible?