Thursday, November 02, 2006

More Photos

Because of blogger's limit on photo uploads, there are a few photos that I wanted to upload earlier but wasn't able to.

First off, here are the photos relating to my post of October 31st, here is the newspaper article featuring yours truly (or at least my Arm and Hammer victory fist.)
Below is a photo of my old bed.

And below is a picture of my new bed. Baleboosteh noted that I might hit my head. Actually, the bigger problem is that I've been smashing my elbow into that radiator in my sleep. Also, you can't see it here, but there's a bookshelf way up high right over the bed. This might present a safety hazard of fallin sifrei Tanach. I think I'm going to have to rearrange the furniture a bit.

The next three photos were taken on my trip to Moshav Benei Darom. This strange swamp-thing looking tree sinks down roots from its branches, resulting in multiple trunks. Looks as if the ground is reaching up and trying to pull it back down.

The picture below was taken in the shul (synagogue) at Benei Darom, right before Shabbat. First customer.

These are my farmer cousins, from left to right, Sarah, Achikom, and their son Uri. (Uri's pockets are bulging with sunflower seeds.)

Every time I visit, Sarah loads my backpack with Benei Darom products to take home.


Yaakova said...

What nice relatives you have!

The whole banging your elbow into the radiator thing... might become a bit more of an issue when it gets cold and the radiator is turned on-- Ouch!

Anonymous said...

Nice victory fist. Becoming quite the celeb. Are you haveing problems with blogger posting right now Evan?

Ephraim said...


Yeah, and it's getting colder, so I have to act soon!

Bagel Blogger,

Yes, I have problems with Blogger from time to time. Sometimes I write a whole post, try to send it, then it fails and erases the whole thing. Also, it sometimes just doesn't let you upload photos at all. It's a free service, and you get what you pay for.