Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Shabbat Beit Hoglah

Continued from previous posts:

Part 1: A Journey to the End of the Earth
Part 2: Nahal Ein Hoglah
Part 3: Hiking Nahal Ein Hoglah

Some photos of before and after shabbat at Beit Hogla:

The rest of the guys arrive (past the abandoned border fortifications mentioned earlier.)

A vanity mirror, propped behind a gas line.

Ze'evi's here. Now we can really get started.
Taking some time for learning in the Beit Midrash.
Testing the soup in an, eh, less than sanitary kitchen. Still, it's probably cleaner than mine.

And after shabbat...
Kiddush Levanah, the sanctification of the new moon.

Back to the main structure/tent thingee for...

Havdallah (the conclusion of Shabbat.)
Chodesh tov - let's dance around a little.

Ze'evi gets down.


Yaakova said...

Wow.. Great post, but too bad about your crash/burn at the bottom of the hill. Ouch!

Ephraim said...

Yeah, it hurt, and still hurts a little, but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.