Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Blast From my Past

Michael, a friend of mine from the goold old days of 2000-2002 in Be'er Sheva, came back to Israel from Austria for a visit. Wife and baby in tow, he had his hands pretty full, and we couldn't get a picture together.

Wife Miki and daughter Yael

Daughter Yael

We went up to the Hass Promenade, which provides some striking views of the Jerusalem skyline. Until 1967, the promenade, or at least the location which would some day become the promenade, was right on the "green line" armistice line with Jordan. Today, it marks the border between predominantly Arab East and predominantly Jewish West Jerusalem. It Gave me a good chance to take some photos of previous locations I've blogged about, to give a better perspective.

A panoramic view of East Jerusalem. The rains have fallen, the gras is green, and spring is in the air.

In the foreground are some architectural and sculptural decorations in the Haas Promenade area. In the midground, one can see the "Hill of Evil Counsel," home of the United Nations presence. In the background is AbuDis.

Abu Dis through the trees.
The Hill of Evil Counsel
Yours truly, with The Old City and the City of David (which I blogged about in Excavations in the City of David and Underneath The City of David previously.)

A closer-up shot. The hill on which the golden dome sits is the Temple Mount.

Later, we finished walking and headed to Emek Refaim for lunch. But soon, time was running short, and I had to make it to the wedding of Moshe, my friend from yeshivah, before 5 PM. We raced to the bus station in his rental, and, making a right turn, saw it right behind us. We managed to make it just in the nick of time, as I boarded the ten bound for Modi'in.
Stay tuned for pictures from a Breslov wedding...

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