Sunday, May 20, 2007

Above Tsfat

Before Shabbat, I hiked up to the summit overlooking the city of Tsfat.

Flowers, excavations, and a memorial to the Haganah (independence war) fighters who defended the city.
The Palmach logo on the memorial obelisk.
Looking back at the old British Tagert Fort.
The hilltop has been planted and manicured, complete with paths and park benches.
Looking through the pines towards Mount Meron (the largest mountain in the Galilee.)
A closer-up of Mount Meron. Note the twin radar domes at the top. Some sort of army installation, I suppose.
Ruins of a Cohanite (priestly) village from Tanachic times, recently excavated.
Closer up to the Cohanite village.
More of the Cohanite Village.
Yet another photograph of the Cohanite ruins.

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