Monday, May 21, 2007

Brit Milah

I had a good day of learning in yeshivah today, and managed to get through three classes, plus Minchah (afternoon prayers.) I've been single for the last 48 hours, but I received a lead from the mother of Steven in Pisgat Ze'ev. Between classes I managed to get a hold of the potential shidduch lead she had give me.
"Well," she told me, "I started out as National Religious but now I'm Chabad."
"Funny, I started out Chabad but now I'm more national religious. I don't see myself wearing a black hat and a beard."
"Well, then it's probably not a good idea for us to go out."
Darn. But it's better to know now than waste a bunch of time on it.

After Minchah, everybody started grabbing chairs and tables to clear up space. Some of the madrichim (guides/older long-term guys) pulled out fragrant spices and wine. Looks like one of the students had a son, so it was time for a Brit Mila! (circumcision.)

The father puts on his tallit (prayer shawl)

The father arrives.
The Mohel (circumciser) readies his instruments.
The baby has arrived. Everything is in place!

The ladies' gallery is full. Uh... anybody up there looking for shidduch? I happen to know someone who's single.

The baby is brought to the Mohel.
"Hey guys. Where am I?"

"Hey, watch it. Tour fingers are cold. And what's that long shiny thing in your hand?"

I can't bear to watch. That's right guys, sing REEEAL hard.

After: "Didn't hurt."
"Wait a minute, why are we all smelling fragrant herbs and spices. Am I Sephardi or something?"

After the Brit, I headed down to the Machaneh Yehuda and bought two pairs of "Levis" Jeans for 100 shekels. That's about $25. Ever heard of a deal that's too good to be true? Well, let's just say, never buy supposedly name brand items at the shuk, you're in for a ride. I got them home, and they didn't fit, and of course the fabric was way, way off from what I've come to expect, even from Chinese copyright-infringement knockoff Levis.

I tried to catch the bus back to Pisgat Ze'ev, but it took a full hour just to get on one, and another full hour to get all the way home. It's not that there weren't busses, but they were all stuffed beyond design capacity, so they didn't even bother stopping, they just zoomed by with faces and limbs crushed against the windows. I just had to keep telling myself, "It will make having a car all that much sweeter."

Called cousin Galila and arranged for her to look into another shidduch possibility for me. Hope springs eternal!

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