Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sometimes Life Just Stinks

I try to keep a chipper attitude about life in general, but today, well, the day was awful.

Okay, I've got to find something good. Yeshivah started up again today, and we started learning from Sefer Shmuel (the book of Samuel,) relating the story of how the tribes of Israel united under the Davidic Kingdom.

But the rest of the day was awful. I just don't have the heart to write about it right now. It's the sort of story that's funny, but only in past tense, and I'm still living it in the present, so I can't yet approach it with that "ha ha" attitude. Hopefully I can gather my nerves and spill the beans tomorrow. Fortunately the problems are mainly monetary, and you know, money isn't everything. Nothing disastrous or personal or anything like that, but I just seem to be bleeding money and am having trouble keeping ahead of my financial plummet.


Better mazal tomorrow, maybe.


marcel said...

help me to write the biographies of great personnalities of

Batya said...

Keep repeating:
All that's important is health!
All that's important is health!
All that's important is health!

Then whistle a happy tune. Maybe sing the saying to a happy tune...