Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Flower Power

Leaving the school building we found piles of roses waiting for us. Our mission, if we chose to accept it (we did,) was to go door to door delivering flowers and saying hello to the good people of Sderot, letting them know that there are still Jews who are willing to come down and spend a Shabbat with them.

Roses are red.

Toys and goodies for the kids.

A poster for the event, "Shabbat Sderot, Raising the flag with Sderot." (Note: I'm blogging this now, but the event was actually about 3 weeks ago.)

Everybody takes a clump.
Provisions were not made for carrying the things. They're covered in thorns.

Quick Lars, take the picture! My hands are bleeding!

My shirt seems to provide adequate protection from being stabbed by thorns.

Adam brought his guitar. At first I thought this a bit, well, excessive.

But the kids seemed to ignore my flowers and just wanted to hear Adam playing guitar. Once the sound spread out, people were coming out of their apartments to make requests. Pretty soon we were all dancing around. It was a sweaty day, so the old ladies brought down soda and cups. Soon we had our own mini-concert going.

Play, "Ain Lanu Al Mi Lehishaer!"

We got the kids dancing.

We gathered up our yeshivah comrades and walked back to the school as a bunch. Adam kept playing, and pretty soon it was something like a parade.

Lars and me, ready for Shabbat.


Yaakova said...

What a great idea! Bringing music, flowers and a sense of Shabbat to Sderot. You guys definitely brought joy to the residents, which is just beautiful.

By the way, (tee hee!), what you refer to as "clumps" and "bunches" are actually called "bouquets." They're gorgeous! And a hint: they work quite well on shidduchim, too!
(How are things going on that front??? Inquiring minds want to know!!)

And a last thought about roses... the beauty of the flower, along with the pain of the thorns, is symbolic of the beauty and pain in love. Isn't that poetic? You can use that on your next shidduch date. :)

shira said...

What better mitzvah than bringing the joy of Shabbat to Sderot! You kids are great.

Evan said...

Hi Ya'akova,

Well, I didn't want to say "Boquet", since we actually took the bunches of flowers and we handed one to each person, so the boquets did not stay together, as it were.

Yes, flowers are nice for shidduchim, but only if I actually WANT the girl to like me. Besides, you're supposed to hold off on that sort of stuff until the third date or so, at least. Shidduchim are, well, ya know, shidduchim. Nothing spectacular to report.