Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The School

On the bus ride down, we were all handed information sheets on what to do in the event of a Qassam attack, later explained in English by Rabbi Goldenberg:

When the "Tzeva Adom" (red color alarm for incoming Qassam rockets) goes off, you will have fifteen seconds. Of course, sometimes you'll have less time. Sometimes, the siren doesn't go off at all before the rocket hits. If you are indoors, stay away from the windows, move to the most centrally located room in the building. If you are outdoors, try to run to the stairwell of a building. If you are in a field, lay down and place your hands over the back of your head, covering the cerebral cortex. They like to fire the rockets in barrages, so after the siren has gone off, remain indoors for at least five minutes.

Rav Goldenberg gives us a precautionary safety lesson.

We were led to our rooms. We ended up sleeping on the floor of a protected school. Blue doors indicate rocket-shielded rooms. White doors indicate non-shielded rooms.

David in the hallway. Note the blue doors.

Ari, how can you eat eggs at a time like this?

Yours truly on the floor.

The entire school building has been completely encapsulated in concrete, steel, and shrapnell-proof windows.

Hanging out.
Still, it was a good feeling to be in a religious school. I wish I had the opportunity to study at a school like this, and hope some day I can raise kids who will.

On the cafeteria, wall, a mural of the righteous.

Rabbi Aryeh Levin, who ministered to the prisoners held by the British.

"Baba" (Grandpa) Sali, spiritual leader of Moroccan Jewry in the early years of Israeli independence.

Chofetz Chaim, the leader of religious Ashkenazi Jewry who taught that Lashon Harah, "Evil Speach," is one of the worst sins a person can commit.

Rav Avraham Kook, who founded the Nationalist-Religious approach to Israel, Zionism, and secular society.

But enough hanging around, it was time to hit the streets...

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