Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Cowboy Always Gets Back On The Horse

Chewing on my last week and a half of shidduch dating in my head over Shabbat, I decided to break it off with a girl. I mentioned it, when asked, at the various families I visited. I got a few suggestions.
"I know a girl who's twenty eight. She translates for the immigrant absorption ministry."
"Oh yeah? English?'
"No, Farsi. She immigrated from Iran."
"Uh... how will we communicate?"
"Well, you both speak Hebrew."
"Let me think about it."

Next meal, different house, "I know a girl who's thirty from..."
"Stop right there!" I've decided that I need a little break from dating girls who are older than I am.

Ended shabbat with no leads, and I still had to call my other shidduch back and "talk." I gave it until an hour after Shabbat had gone out to give her time to turn on her cell phone. Got through this time, small talked, got to the point, and discovered, to my total lack of surprise, that the lack of feelings is mutual. All's well that ends well, I suppose. Hangup. Sigh.

10 seconds after hangup: D'oh!

20 seconds after hangup: All right! I'm single again.

30 seconds after hangup: Oh no! I'm single again!

40 seconds after hangup: I'm on the phone with the shadchanit.

"Shavua Tov (good week,) It's Ephraim. I'm single again."
"I'm sorry to hear that, but I have some ideas for you. Let me just put the kids to bed and call me in ten minutes."


30 seconds after hangup: Phone begins ringing.

The sound of crying babies and the washing of dishes in the background. A female voice: "Shalom, zot Ma'ayan, blah blah blah blah..."
"Whoa, L'at l'at, haIvrit sheli lo hachi tov." (Whoa, slowly slowly, my Hebrew isn't the best.)
"I am a, eeeeeeeeh, a friend of the family where you, eeeeeeeeh, eated dinner for Shabbat..."
Where did I eat dinner? Didn't I visit like four families this shabbat? Oh yeah, Tzvi and Navah!
"... and dey told me dat you are single man and twenty eight and eeeeh..." now switching back to Hebrew "... I have a friend who is blah blah blah twenty five years old blah blah blah at Hebrew University blah blah blah blah and she made aliyah from America blah blah masters degree blah blah works at blah blah blah doesn't like to blah blah blah but she likes blah blah. So are you interested?"
"Well, from what you're saying she sounds really great, but I just called my shadchanit, so let me call her back first and then I'll decide."

Called the shadchanit back. Weighed my options, and decided to hold off on the shadchanit's offer.

Called Ma'ayan back, gave it a green light, by the time I hung up I had her friend's number.

Saddle up folks, we're goin' back on the trail!

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