Sunday, June 01, 2008

Golan Heights 1: On the Road Again

As mentioned previously, the current Israeli government is nearing collapse, having entered the "Death Spiral." Over the past week, the PM has both approved almost a thousand new housing units in Jerusalem neighborhoods to grasp at support from the right, as well as continued negotiations with the Palestinian Authority in a desperate reach for support from the left. Never mind the inherent contradiction in this, in that the Palestinian Authority demands the destruction, or preferably the expulsion of Jews and transfer of the properties to the future Arab entity, of those same neighborhoods. Meanwhile, in an attempt to buy some media protection, he's negotiating with Hezbollah up north about the release of captured terrorists, and he's opened negotiations with Syria to retreat from the Golan and wipe out the last forty years of Jewish building there.
It's sad that we have a political system which promotes people of such base moral caliber to such high positions that thousands of Jewish farmers who would have their lives destroyed by one small man trying to keep his job. And that's not to mention the hundreds of thousands of Israeli soldiers and civilians who would be threatened by an Iranian proxy perched on the Golan, looking right into the heart of Israel. Of course, nobody takes his discussions on the Golan Heights seriously. His American overseers feel a deep sense of hostility towards Syria, unlike the Palestinian Authority, and would not support such a deal. He is so deeply unpopular at home that he could never pass any agreement through the Knesset anyway. But still, I figure this is a good chance to show a little solidarity with the unjustly threatened Jewish community of the Golan by posting my photos of Machon Meir's spring tiyul (trip) to the Golan Heights of 2007. Although the photos are over a year old, I just haven't had the chance to post them yet, so here we go!

We'll start the day with chocolate sandwiches. The breakfast of champions!

A quick stop in the outhouse before our two hour bus ride and... wait a minute, can someone explain why there's a toilet seat cover hanging from the wall?

Michael waited until the last possible second to pack. And get dressed.

Yericho (Jericho)

More Yericho date trees and fields.

Passing the Yericho Monastery.

On the hilltops in the distance is Mitzpeh Yericho.

Some sort of agricultural settlement in the Jordan Valley.

Date Palms in the Jordan. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the background.

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