Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yehudah's Barmie

In Israel, Bar Mitzvahs aren't the sort of extravagant, multi-thousand dollar affairs they are in the U.S. I think it's maybe because the kids here actually understand what they're saying when they are called up to read from the Torah. In the U.S., at least with the one or two assimilated Jewish kids I went to Junior High with, a Bar Mitzvah had that sort of edgy feeling of being a desperate party to stave off the inevitable farewell to Torah as the child descended to the same level of non-observance as his parents. In Israel, you can rest assured that your child will grow up surrounded with a more pure Torah existance, and will have at least the opportunity to continue to grow spiritually for the rest of his life. Hence the Bar Mitzvah is much more down-to-Earth.

But enough about me, this was Yehudah's Bar Mitzvah. I made the schlep out to Pisgat Ze'ev to wish Yehudah a Mazal Tov and visit my old friends there.

I said hi to Yehudah and his father Steven, from my old Pisgat Ze'ev days.

Someone came up to me, "I have someone you might be interested in."
"How did you know I'm not married?"
"Because your shirt is untucked."

I proceeded to chowed down on copious quantities of food.

Took some pictures.

The Fam

Watched the brothers all sing Yehudah a song they composed. A very talented bunch they are.

Danced around a little bit.

And had a good time fully.

Mazal tov to the Bar Mitzvah boy.


arlene said...

What an Awesome Simcha! Yehuda did a beautiful job on shabbat too!
Mazal tov
AK (Yehuda's favorite aunt!)

arlene said...

What a beautiful family! Only nachat!
Yehuda's favorite aunt