Monday, May 08, 2006

Operation: Trash Heap Continues

A Minus: 3 Months, 1 Week

Operation: Trash Heap is proceeding apace. Yesterda I finally finished photographing everything I own. And I do mean everything. I've spent the last day just working on editing my photographs and putting together a very basic website. I'm hoping to get it online before the weekend so I can get started disposing of useless objects.

Unfortunately, I received back all those books I sold on ebay. I had shipped them last Thursday, only to have them returned to my doorstep Saturday morning. It turns out the US Post Office increased the rates for media mail but did not bother to modify the rates shown on their website. Now I have to explain to 40 irate customers why their shipment of books will be late. Reason #434 to avoid ebay.

Today I received another call from my Nefesh B'Nefesh contact. She managed to get a hold of me this time, and we talked for a while. There was nothing substantive, she just wanted to get a general feel for my plans and where I'm going to live, to make sure I'm not making any serious mistakes. It's comforting to have a contact in Israel already, even if I didn't learn any particularly new information.


Toto said...

Hey there! bummer about the return on the books....had you sent them from your home directly or brought them to the post office? ugh. no fun either way.

What a trip that you have such communication with nbn people. I'm anxiously awaiting the flight confirmation. We are hoping with fingers crossed for the 5th, but am getting that "what if..." feeling. Got an email today saying that letters will be sent out next week. So we wait again....

By the way, when you're ready to start packing clothes and things.....check out space bags! I love 'em! but you can get them at Bed,Bath, Beyond, or target and even walmart!

Ephraim said...

Well, I haven't exactly heard my flight date either. But since there's only one of me, I think it should be relatively easy to squeeze me on the flight of my choice.

We'll see how much I can use the space bags. In my case I think that my problem will not be the colume of my clothes so much as the weight limits set by El AL (I will not be sending a lift.)