Monday, May 22, 2006

Visa Papers Arrived

A-Minus: 2 Months, 3 weeks, 2 days

My visa paperwork arrived on Friday. I put it off all weekend, but started on it today. Gotta get four more passport photos. It sometimes seems like EVERYONE has my passport photos these days. Next time I'm just going to print a few dozen and be done with it.

The items they requested are:
-My passport
-4 Passport pictures
-4 copies of my application for immigrant's visa
-Processing fee of $8
-2 copies of a letter of recommentdation from my aliyah office signed by my shlichah
-3 copies of my declaration (this is a declaration of intent to make aliyah)

So it's all done now and off in the mail. In about one month, my passport should come back with a real immigrant's visa stamp in it.

The countdown starts now!


Toto said...

very cool! MAzal tov! I just found out today that AAA will do passport photos for you if you're a member, for FREE! ugh, now they tell me, after we spent waaaay to much on all those pictures for ALL 4 of us....!

AMIT said...

Yeah thats good that Visa papers arrived.

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