Friday, September 29, 2006

Heading Down South

Today I'm leaving Jerusalem for the first time since I landed here. That is, if I can ever get off this blog and get moving!

Heading down to my old diggs, Be'er Sheva, the city most often mentioned in the Book of Bereishit (Genesis.) I have lots of friends and my old bicycle waiting for me. But I have to move fast, because the bike needs repairs, the bike shop closes at 2PM today, it takes half an hour to get to the bus station, and another two hours to get to Be'er Sheva, and it's already 10:15 AM.
And did I mention that my fridge never showed up, so I have to go to the mall and pick a fight with the salesman? And the work is still pouring in? And I don't know where I'll be for Yom Kippur? And.... aaaaaaugh!

Come to think of it, why am I sitting here writing this at all?

Shabbat Shalom Planet Earth from Planet Israel!


Yaakova said...

Shabbat Shalom indeed! I hope you got your bike fixed. :)

yaser said...

hello Evan,
you left a comment on my blog long time ago,
i just want to say high ,
Shabbat Shalom:)

Ephraim said...


It works! It's great!


Thank you for the Shabbat Shalom. How is life in Syria these days?

yaser said...

it's going pretty well,thanks

Evan said...

Long time no talk. Are you okay? What's going on in Syria?