Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Photos from the Pisgah

The Hizma Checkpoint (Per Yesterday's Email)

The barrier being built between Pisgat Ze'ev Mizrach (East Pisgat Ze'ev) and Anata
Succot is coming. This is at the store on Meir Gershon Street. Notice the little "kid's sukkah," and the larger one, "Now with Windows!"

Kanyon Hapisgah (The Pisgah Mall) Notice how dead it is at mid day. It's a nice place but there isn't much to buy there.

Outside the Kanyon.

Ethiopian immigrant. Some day when my Hebrew is better I'll ask him about the staff.

Graffiti on a Transformer enclosure. Okay, it's in Talpiot, not Pisgat Ze'ev, but it's cool so I put it here.

Miscellaneous Buildings

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Yaakova said...

Cool photos! I especially like the sukkahs, and the adorable little girl in the photo!