Thursday, September 14, 2006

I have Internet!

At long last, I have my own internet connection! Now I can start posting some of the photos I'm taking. We'll start with some lovely pics of my apartment.
The view from my front door.
The Air Mattress

The fridge Sagi left me (I'm still waiting for him to pick it up.)

My bedroom window opens to a tiny little space. I'm keeping my suitcases there for now, hoping to eventually clean it out and make it pretty. My bedroom is actually the cheder bitachon (security room/shelter). notice the gasket seal on the window, and the sliding steel shield.

The built-in closet.

My Room

More to come!


Yaakova said...

Nice place! I especially like the "free-for-now" fridge and the built-in closet system! Is there a kitchen to speak of? And a bathroom?
If your landlords need the mamad, will you just invite them in? That would be very cozy; let's hope there's no need for that to happen.

Baleboosteh said...

Nice place Evan, good to see you are settling in ok. Love the pics too, can't wait for more!

Ephraim said...


If there's a war, privacy comes second.
Yes, it has its own bathroom, but it looks a bit nasty now and I don't want to post those photos just yet. Got a new shower curtain today.

Thanks, I like it too! It's a pretty sweet little apartment. Actually it's not so little!


More pics? Can do!