Monday, September 11, 2006

Move-IN Day

Today was move-in day! It was supposed to be yesterday but Rafi was to busy to take me down there, and the family here only has one car. This morning I woke up bright and early and loaded up the car. We had all of my stuff moved in by 8:15 AM. I caught the late minyan at Chabad, went back to Rafi's for breakfast, then went down to my apartment and started unpacking. The previous tenant, Sagi, had discussed selling his fridge to me, but he wanted 1500 shekels, which is enough to buy an entirely new fridge, so we agreed he would take it. Well, I went down there to move in and the fridge was still there, so I guess I have a refridgerator until he comes to take it, which could be... who knows?

I had my computer up and running within two hours, albeit without internet connectivity. At around 1 I inflated my air mattress and slept off the exhaustion. Now it's almost midnight and I'm at Rafi's desk, using his computer, working.

I'm still having trouble uploading photographs, and now that I live in an apartment without internet connectivity it is difficult for me to post. I hope to keep up the daily posting, and will certainly resume full posting with more pictures once I manage to get my high-speed internet up and running at my new apartment, which should be thursday if everything goes according to plan (which it seldom does.)


Baleboosteh said...

Mazal Tov! It must be a good feeling for you Evan to now be in your own apartment.

Ephraim said...

:) It's a very good feeling! I'm not totally independent but I'm getting there!

Anonymous said...

I sense a certain anticipation, it will be good when you feel more independent and your own 'space'.

The cable connection sounds good, just don't negotiate in Hebrew, and be wary of the plan you sign up on, you're bound to use a lot of MB's as you've just moved from the US. I recommend a rather largish plan to avoid 'surplus' MB charges.

best of luck Aaron