Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pulling it Together

I've been living out of boxes for the last month and a half. Finally, slowly, I am pulling out all of my goodies, finding what was smashed in the move and what survived. Unfortunately, my MP3 player is a casualty of my aliyah, along with a few other things. Nothing necesarry, but still difficult.

I'm not sleeping in the hide-a-bed in cousin Rafi's office any more. I'm finally sleeping on my very own air bed in my very own room. It's the usual air-bed experience, fall asleep on the matress, wake up on the floor (after the matress deflated.)

I have my own little office set up in my salon, and have unpacked some kitchen appliances. And I found a microwave for 195 shekels today and grabbed it! Not going to find a deal like that anywhere else in this country.

My internet still isn't up and running, so I come up here to my cousins' place from 6PM to 10PM to use the internet, update the blog, check my email, and downolad all the files I'm going to need for work. I then go to my apartment and spend the day working with all the data I downloaded.

Tomorrow cousin Galila is taking me shopping to buy a stovetop and get some groceries.

And tomorrow, I have my very first shidduch date since I landed. This is where the fun starts! Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Well Done.
Finally moving in must be a relief.
Heres hoping it all works out well.

I hope your first date goes really well!

What ever you do don't do what this guy did on his second 'JDate'

I'm sure you've got just a touch more class. its really good to see things working out for you Evan.


Baleboosteh said...

Good luck on your date Evan, I hope it goes really well.

Yaakova said...

Remember to be a gentleman! be humble, be chivalrous, go somewhere affordable, like a cafe or a park, and be sure to pay the whole bill if there is one (you probably consider this obvious, but after listening to that JDate thing... I'm simply in shock!!) That way, if it goes well, fantastic! And if it doesn't go well, it certainly doesn't reflect poorly on you.
Something to keep in mind: your readers know a bit about you by now, and we think you're a catch. ;)
I hope it goes well!

Yaakova said...

Well? WELL??? Don't keep us in suspense-- How was your date? Do you like her? Is she a sabra? Does she speak English, or did you converse in Hebrew?
I hope it went well. :)

Ephraim said...

Hi all,

I am taking on a very sensitive task here, writing about the "dating scene" in Israel without writing about the dates themselves. Very tricky.

Bagel Blogger,
Don't worry, I'm not ENTIRELY obtuse!

We'll see. The only way to know is to get out there!

Oh, and Yaakova, I'm opting towards parks. Even the cafes are pretty expensive. :)

Yeah, I could try to get my bed together, but man oh man am I tired of dealing with stupid life issues. I want to have a little fun too!