Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nahariyyah Photos

The following pictures are from the town of Nahariyyah in north-west Israel, near the border with Lebanon. Despite the rocket attacks suffered during the war, the town itself is actually quite serene.

Originally built as an agricultural settlement, the town has now grown to a modest city of 50,000. A long promenade stretching along the beach provides plenty of room for fishing and swimming.

Fishermen and tourists on the jetty.

The Ga'aton river runs through the center of town, between the easbound and westbount lanes on the main street, called, appropriately, Ga'aton street. Cross streets pass over the river on small bridges.

The town includes some small parks and gardens. During my visit, it was intermittently raining and sunny.

Walking along the shoreline promenade after a brief rain.

Surf fishermen.

Another surf fisherman.

Walking towards the beach.


Baleboosteh said...

Nice photos Evan - it looks a bit windy along the shoreline promenade!

Ephraim said...

Yeah, there were storms off and on throughout the day.

daddydooga said...

It's a banyan tree, is what it is. Great idea, yes? grow your roots from every limb, and populate the land "Etz Echad". From the Exile you came, another root touching down from the many limbs of Am Echad! Coincidence? you be the judge! May you be firmly planted, sending your roots deep into the Land! At least you got a nice bed already.