Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Dryer

Well, as you know, I couldn't get a dryer. Avi the landlord wouldn't be too happy about me punching a hole in the wall for the hot/steamy air discharge vent. So I had to get creative.

I put my clothes drying rack next to the radiator. I also put a little heater underneath. I then agitate the mixture with the fan. I leave my kitchen window open a crack, and that lets the steamy air out, so I don't get condensation all over the walls. It works! Dries my clothes in 12 hours (sometimes more.)
What I learned in Yeshivah:
We're reading about the ten plagues in the parsha this week. Notice how the plagues start with the nile, the lowest of the low, and gradually work their way up to frogs, which live half in, half out of the water, then to lice, which spring up from the dust, then pestilence (mad cow disease), which is higher in the animal kingdom, then to skin disease, which is now affecting humans. The plagues continue to move up to Hail, locusts, and darkness, all involving the sky. The final plague, the death of the first born, is a completely spiritual, in that the angel of death came down and took the souls out of their bodies.
The mishna tells us that, when the death of the first born occured, it was a complete surprize who died. I.e., the Egyptians were so promiscuous and loose that, while each family had its official first born, nobody knew who the real first borns were. People who thought they were safe keeled over dead. Others, who thought they were first borns survived.


Unknown said...

But what happened with the desk?

The 'Torah Tidbits' are great! Keep 'em coming!

Have a splendiferous shabbos! :)

Toto said...

fyi: if you need something to dry can lay it over the actual radiators........cuts drying time from 12 hours to like 2 depending on what it is and if you have time to turn stuff over!

Binyamin said...

We had a similar situation in our apartment where we had a dryer but were not allowed to punch a hole in the wall. My wife found this ingenious little bucket-like device that attaches to the end of the dryer hose (inside the apartment) that you put water in and run the dryer as you normally would. We later found that by placing a stocking over the device it helped to reduce the amount of 'lint-dust' released. You just have to crack a window for the humidity issue.

Ephraim said...


The desk is coming along splendiferously. it's almost ready to be blogged about!

Good advice.

I might think about that, but for now I don't want to get too much stuff. I'd like to buy a place at some point and don't want to have too much stuff to schlep. But if I end up staying here longer, it's definately worth considering!