Friday, January 12, 2007

Pizza Night

I've been working on a post about my experiences with some of the internally displaced persons (internal Refugees) from Gush Katif. But the post keeps getting longer and longer. I wanted to publish it today, but, ya know, Shabbes is coming!

So I have some pictures from last Motzei Shabbat with my buddy Moshe. Moshe is the type of guy who will really go out of his way for you, but schedules aren't exactly top priority. As for me, I'm an on-time type of guy. Down at ten, up at six. By the time we got to pizza, it was 11PM, and I had Yeshivah the next morning. Augh! But I bit down hard and smiled, and I actually ended up having a great time. Patience, tolerance, live a litte. These are the lates middot (personality traits) I'm working on.

On Moshe's Cabooda
At the restaurant, with Moshe and his friend Steven from New York.
This slice has my name on it.
ONe more.
Okay, one last one.Allright Moshe, I think you can put away that stupid camera now.
And now it's off to Moshav B'nei Darom for Shabbat. Stay tuned, pictures and a post from Kibbutz Shomeriyah, where the former residents of Jewish Gaza are now living, are coming soon.
Good shabbes!

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