Monday, January 01, 2007

Comment on the Situation: Burning the Christian Bibles

A recent story appeared in Jerusalem Post on a mass burning of the "New Testament," as Christians refer to their bible, in the town of Or Yehuda. Apparently, Christian missionaries had infiltrated the town and distributed "New Testaments." Upon reading the "New Testament," I suppose that the missionaries were hoping the Jews would miraculously have the scales from their eyes and suddenly realize that Jesus is the true messiah, and would miraculously forget that Jesus failed to meet the most basic requirements of being messiah:

1. The Moshiach will gather all Jews in Israel.
2. The world will be at peace.
3. The temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem, and the Davidic dynasty reestablished.

Oh yeah, and the moshiach doesn't die until after his mission is accomplished.

Of course, Christianity, in its infancy, disregarded these problematic issues, and it was a major part of why Christianity later had to break completely with Judaism and convert the Goyim (Gentiles.) It also explains why Christianity has had virtually zero success in converting large numbers of Jews over the last two millennia.

Now, I have as much respect for Christianity as I have for any other faith, and I respect that they have their own beliefs as to what the Moshiach is. I see Christianity as a package deal. It is simply impossible to square Christianity as having any relation to Judaism, but if you re-interpret certain key passages of the Torah (Old Testament) more to your liking, then you've got an intellectual system which can almost stand on its own two feet, though there are still some discrepancies which I have never heard adequately explained.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, or in the town of Ohr Yehuda in this case, some local "Orthodox" youths collected the offending New Testaments and burned them, per Halachah (Jewish law.) I'm not sure what "Orthodox" means in this case, since 99.9% of Jews who consider themselves "religious" in Israel are Orthodox. Ah, wait, I just looked at the by line and noticed it was written by an "Associated Press" reporter. Answered my own question.

Of course, this is portrayed by the AP reporter as some sort of facist book burning, and the comments which appear by readers below express shock and outrage:

What next? Require non-jews to ware distintive arm banks? Perhpas make all
non-jews to live in walled areas? Shame on these misguided leaders. In a free
society, the public should have open access to all information.

The misspellings and bizzare grammar aside, the thoughts expressed here are just silly. I have absolute respect for believing Christians, I have no problem with their believing that I'm going to hell (although I find the notion amusingly childish,) and I would never be so disrespectful to attempt to change their beliefs. The boys who torched those books were merely doing a public service. This is the only country we have, so please, just leave us alone. If you don't want your bibles burned, don't leave them on our doorsteps.


Nina said...

I'd love to know which discrepancies you feel were never adequately explained. Will you let me know what they are?

Ephraim said...

Hi Nina,

Good question. Posted a follow-up today: .