Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Leaving Walnut Creek

Continuing my Walnut Creek adventure, it was time to leave my old home and head back to my real home.

The stampede to the food after Yom Kippur:

Yes, that's A. in the bottom right. He happened to come back to visit Walnut Creek at the same time as I did.

Art had us back over to his place for some post-fast gorging.

Art, Lyn, A., and Ezra

Yours truly with Art's son Shimshon, stroking his imaginary beard.

The Deli Boys came over as well, so called because the three brothers run the Kosher Deli in San Francisco. There used to be four but one of them got married. They were surprised to have a dairy meal. "You don't know how often we have to eat meat."

The Deli Boys

The next day it was up at dawn (well, more like 8:30 AM) to pack my things and get to the airport. I had been living out of one of the rooms in the back of the shul, and Hebrew school started up while I was getting ready.

What is it that this kid is reading?

It's the Chabad Hebrew School Siddur, which I put together back when I was a teacher a couple of years ago, still in use! Nice to see I've had some effect on the community.
And back across the Bay Bridge to the airport.
Farewell, San Francisco.

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