Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Throw the Blog a Bone

I've been going around all night with this strange feeling, as if I were forgetting something. Getting ready for bed, I remembered... the BLOG! I don't have any prepared remarks, but I can't leave you hanging now, can I?

Well, things are pretty much moving along. The phone still isn't up and running, so it's a bit hard to do my job, but I seem to manage. Moshe came by tonight to take away a bunch of stuff. I only wish I had more time to put my boxes away. This is getting embarrassing, owning all this junk. But I'm back in yeshivah, and I've started taking the beginner's gemarah class. (Gemarah is basically Talmud.) I'd like to get into it, but it presents this whole other way of thinking, of approaching problems. Oh yeah, and it's in Aramaic, so there's another language I've got to learn.

[Shidduch references deleted]

Anyway, more Amsterdam posts tomorrow. Gotta hit the hay to get up early for Gemarah shiur. Good night from Jerusalem!

[Shidduch references deleted]

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