Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pictures from Jerusalem

I've been building up a backload of pictures from around Jeruslaem, not related to any particular topic, but timely just the same.

I did have one major accomplishment last week: I finally used my Israeli ATM card. That's not a big deal, I know. Except the fact is, I've been using my American ATM card for quick cash as needed. When you put your American ATM card into the machine here, it figures you're some sort of bewildered tourist and gives you the option of speaking English. Unfortunately, I lost my American ATM card while in the Old Country (California) last month, so I've been walking into the bank to withdraw money. Of course, the bank has weird hours, like 8AM-noon and 4-6PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and different hours for every other day, so I can never quite time my arrival properly. Finally, I had to pay the movers in hard cash, and the bank was closed, so I had no choice but to put my Israeli ATM card in and muscle through the Hebrew. Actually, it was no problem. Just one of those battles that you put off as long as you can, until you're cornered and you've got to stand and fight. Of course, I emerged victorious, cash in hand.

Anyway, to get from my bank to the Post Office (where I had to pay a 250 shekel traffic citation) I walked through Independence Park, camera at the ready.

Tae Che in Independence Park.
More Tae Che in Independence Park.

Of course, with all the high tech and new construction in Israel, you sometimes forget the country's thrown-together, sloppy origins. Then you turn a corner and see something that reminds you.

A very, very public urinal. Gross!

There were a few English posters around. After all, I'm not sure the Israelis would get this one if it were in Hebrew:
Another sign in English, this one more ominous:

The housing market in this country, and especially in Jerusalem, has driven prices so high that Israelis can't afford houses in their own capital, so much so that in the Rechavia/Katamon area, they don't even advertise Real Estate in Hebrew any more. I guess they figure, if you speak Hebrew, you can't afford it anyway.

Further along on the way to the post office, I passed through this cute little street near the main thoroughfare of Jaffa Street:

Not in Jerusalem, but back on the 443 from Jerusalem to Modiin, I happened to be driving to Moishe's house at just the right time. The sun looked like this awesome fiery blob.

Unfortunately, I was driving too fast to get a really good shot of it. But this is looking over the Ayalon Valley, where Yehoshua (Joshua) commanded the sun to stop in his fight with the Canaanites in the Battle of Givon.

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mashteenbakeer said...

I know you will find it hard to believe, but in the past I use that urinal.