Saturday, October 06, 2007

Twenty Nine Crembos

Today, Shabbat, was my secular birthday. Wow, 29, a whole new year. Still "in my twenties" for another year. Well, for another 364 days 12 hours, at least. Not that I feel I've wasted my time. Of course, there are plenty of things I would have done differently over the last year, but I feel I've also come a huge way, and life is good!

My cousins, on whose hide-a-bed I'm living and out of whose fridge I'm eating, threw a little mini-party for me complete with shots of whiskey chased with crembos (little chocolate-covered goopey-marshmallowey things the kids love.) Everyone gave me a bracha.
Rafi: Keep going with the same determination that got you to Israel and you can do anything.
Galila: We should celebrate big simchas with you this year! [Hint hint.]
Amichai (12): Your parents should buy you a really big bike. And you should get married.
Orit (14): Um... I'll answer later.
Tehillah (6): You should be the Moshiach
Elitzur (9): You should be as sweet as chocolate. (He had just finished a chocolate sandwich and chocolate crembo.)

My hachlatah (resolution for the year): Not to put off Minchah (afternoon prayers) until it gets dark out. It's easy to get so busy you forget the time, and pretty soon you've missed Minchah, which should be done before sunset. It happened to me twice last week. NO MORE!

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