Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Five Weeks

I'm on my fifth week of Weight Watchers, and I seem to be back on track.
My weight is dropping almsot as fast as the Dow Jones this week, and I've discovered the true secret to weight loss. No, it's not diet or exercise, but disease! I had a cold over the weekend, and boy did my body liberate the fat reserves to fight it. I figured all the time I missed exercising would make me put on the pounds, but I ended up losing about 2 per day while I was sick! I'm now down about 13 lbs from January 1st.

I'm thinking of patenting this. Perhaps I could market a new "Typhoid Treatment" series of diet pills. "Take two of these, and the hunger pangs will be the least of your worries!"

But seriously, I am still working hard on this, and hoping to get into the 210's within a few weeks here. Wish me luck!

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