Monday, February 25, 2008

Nahal Pratt Part 2: The Fauna of Nahal Pratt

On our hike, we came across some of the Wadi's natives.

We bumped into this tortoise, or turtle, or whatever it is. I can never tell the difference.

He was in the middle of his lunch, and didn't look to happy to be disturbed.

Unfortunately, the limit was 30 hikers, so we couldn't take him along. Our guide was giving the tour in English so the turtle would not have understood anyway.
After so much overstimulation, the turtle/tortoise buries his head in the rocks.

Next, I noticed some sort of beetle going about his business.

We hiked along the old British pipeline until we turned the bend...
... and witnessed the miracle of creation.
A goat is born, and tries to take its first steps. The umbilical cord is still sticking out of the back end of the mother.

Trying to enjoy its first milkshake.

The rest of the herd.

A Bedouin goatherd boy watches his flock.

Up next... the Flora of Nahal Pratt.

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