Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lag B'Omer

A-Minus: 3 Months

I finally got a hold of my shlichah last night, who just returned from Israel and is going on vacation for a week tomorrow. It turns out they had the wrong address for me, which is why my visa application never arrived. She corrected the mistake and sent me another application last night, so hopefully this one will make it. Now I have to get together four passport photos, fill out the visa application, and fill out another medical form answering questions such as "Are you crazy?" and "Are you dying of cancer?" I then send the originals back to my shlichah. I send copies to the consulate along with my passport, passport photos, and a check for $10, and I keep copies of the paperwork for myself. If all goes as planned, which it seldom does, I will then receive my passport with my visa stamp in it after 3 weeks. Then, I send copies of the visa stamp to my shlichah and to Nefesh B'Nefesh.

With my aliyah business out of the way, I was free to go to the Chabad of Walnut Creek Lag B'Omer barbecue! I'm back on weight watchers, trying to lose a few pounds before I hit the dating scene (wink-wink nudge-nudge know-what-I-mean) but I had to obey my special rule of totally ignoring counting my weight watchers points during a simchah (happy event, holiday, celebration, etc.) Well, instead of my normal seven ounces of turkey with vegetables, I ended up eating two hamburgers, a hot dog, and about a pound of chicken. And that's not to mention all the cole slaw I shoveled down. I felt a bit guilty going off the diet, but there's nothing like dead animal flesh to liven the spirit. Took some photos, which I forgot to bring with me so I'll post them later (tomorrow or something.)

I've also started running again on the ankle I sprained last October. I can feel it's weaker, but at least it functions.

My continuously running internet garage sale is going, um, okay. I have been running my ads on Craig's list every day, and I receive tons of responses. Usually about ten people per day tell me that they're coming over that night to pick up something, but maybe one of them will actually show. It's frustrating because I have to be sitting there at home, since I told my customers I'll be there, and then nobody shows and it was all a waste. It's not as if I would be doing anything else anyway, but it's frustrating to feel tied down, like I couldn't leave if I wanted to.


Toto said...

Hi Evan, a few things....

Make sure to find out if you can send a CHECK to the consulate. Ours here only accepts money order or cash. Find out before you send it.

Also, when you 'send' the copy of it to the shaliach and NBN, simply scan it in and send it as an attachment to an email. easiest.

Finally, is there a reason you did not consider doing a REAL garage sale where you only sit out at home one day, for example on a Sunday morning till 1pm? Just a thought. Hang in there!

good luck!


Ephraim said...

Thanks for the info about the money order vs. check. I'm waiting to receive the paperwork and we'll see what they say.

Yeah, the reason I'm not doing a REAL garage sale is because I live in a tiny apartment with no garage. I would have to haul all of my furniture to someone else's garage to sell. Which means I would have to rent a truck to haul it all, and then what would I do with the stuff I didn't sell? Also, renting a truck would probably cost more than anything I would make from my garage sale.